Simply Whiter Smiles

    Complete solutions for whiter teeth

Brilliant White Teeth!

Get a stunning Hollywood smile for much less than you would expect!  Our whitening systems use advanced technology to whiten yellow and stained teeth, just like in the dental office. 
The DHI Sensitive Professional Tooth Whitening Kits will transform your teeth into a dazzling smile 
that will make your friends jealous!


The DHI Sensitive
Total Care Professional Whitening System

Our most complete professional whitening system is now available for the first time!

Get a dazzling white smile just like at your dentist at a fraction of the cost.

We have put together the most complete kit available on the market today to prepare, whiten and maintain your white teeth. This kit does not require hours of treatment, uncomfortable hot lights or multiple visits to a dental professional.

With the DHI Sensitive Total Care Professional Whitening System, you will receive:

1. Our Tooth Cleaning and Preparation kit, with special whitening toothbrush and polishing agent, value: $15.90

2. Our DHI Sensitive Professional Tooth Whitening Kit with 22% Carbamide peroxide gel and dual arch tray. This is the classic kit that many dentists use to whiten teeth. We provide a dual arch tray in our kit, which is more convenient to use and does not require any boiling or thermoforming, as well as 3rd generation carbamide peroxide with soothing ingredients to reduce irritation to teeth and gums. Value $33.90

3. The DHI Sensitive Whitening Pen: Need some touching up? we have got you covered with our DHI Sensitive Whitening Pen. This full-strength Peroxide gel simply paintsa onto teeth for an immediate effect. Use it up to three times a day and be amazed at the powerful whitening effect. Value: $19.90

4. DHI Sensitive Infinite White Maintenance gel: This unique 2-component gel is automatically activated when the two components are mixed by pushing down on the mixing plunger. The resulting gel can be applied to teeth directly. The gel contains a gentle non-peroxide whitening agent that goes to work immediately to deepen the whitening effect and maintain tooth whiteness over time. Tooth enamel regenerating agents such as calcium hydroxyapatite help to strengthen tooth enamel. Value: $24.90

5. Special Bonus Offer!
Keeping your teeth clean is the key to a long lasting bright white smile. We want to help you maintain that white smile with our top of the line Sonic Electric Brush and Floss system. So for a limited time only, we are offering one DHI Sensitive Dental Care Brush and Floss system free of charge with each Total Care Profeesional Whitening System, a $69.90 value!

With the DHI Sensitive Total Care Professional Whitening System, you get:

Tooth Prep Kit 


Prof Tooth Whitening Kit 


Whitening Pen 


Maintenance gel 


 Bonus Sonic Brush&Floss 




our price: $77.95

  That is a total savings of over 52%!

And of course you are protected by our Total Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

You have nothing to lose!

Take the step into a future with a dazzling smile and get the DHI Sensitive Total Care Professional Whitening System today!