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Get a stunning Hollywood smile for much less than you would expect!  Our whitening systems use advanced technology to whiten yellow and stained teeth, just like in the dental office. 
The DHI Sensitive Professional Tooth Whitening Kits will transform your teeth into a dazzling smile 
that will make your friends jealous!


DHI Sensitive
Speed Whitening Kit

Many times, tooth whitening is as simple as removing stains and discolorations from the tooth surface. Our DHI Sensitive Speed Whitening Kit is designed for the removal of stains on teeth due to colored foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, etc. The kit contains a triple-acting gel that:

deep cleans teeth on all surfaces
polishes tooth enamel
whitens tooth surfaces

The special gel in our Speed Whitening Kit contains a polishing and cleaning agent that will mechanically remove surface stains and polish tooth enamel; the included whitening agent will enhance and deepen the whitening effect during application. 

Quick and Easy To Use
Our SDC Speed Whitening Kit is really fast and easy to use. In fact, it is as easy as brushing your teeth! The whole procedure takes just a few minutes, and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home. We provide a special whitening toothbrush in our SDC Speed Whitenig Kit that you can use to evenly apply and distribute the gel over the entire tooth surface and into the tiny spaces between the teeth. Using an electric toothbrush (not included) makes the process eaven easier and enhances the cleaning effect.

Bonus Whitening Pen
Need some touching up? we have got you covered with our DHI Sensitive Whitening Pen.
For those stubborn stains on teeth as well as for yellow teeth that require additional treatment to achieve the desired whitening effect, we have added our special whitening pen with carbamide peroxide, a professional strength tooth bleaching agent. This is a quick and easy paint-on solution when fast results are desired.

speed whitening

With the DHI Sensitive Speed Whitening Kit, you will receive:

1. Our DHI Sensitive Speed Whitening Kit, with special whitening toothbrush and cleaning, polishing and whitening agent, value: $15.90

2. The DHI Sensitive Whitening Pen:  This full-strength Peroxide gel simply paints onto teeth for an immediate effect. Use it up to three times a day to obtain a powerful whitening effect. Value: $19.90

SDC Speed Whitening Kit


 Bonus Whitening Pen 




our price: $24.90 +S&H

That is a total savings of over 30%!

And of course you are protected by our Total Satisfaction Program: If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.*

You have nothing to lose!

Rid yourself of stained and yellowed teeth and show your dazzling smile to the world!
Get the DHI Sensitive Speed Whitening Kit today!