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Brilliant White Teeth!

Get a stunning Hollywood smile for much less than you would expect!  Our whitening systems use advanced technology to whiten yellow and stained teeth, just like in the dental office. 
The DHI Sensitive Professional Tooth Whitening Kits will transform your teeth into a dazzling smile 
that will make your friends jealous!


DHI Sensitive Professional Tooth Whitening Kits

Every whitening situation is different and no one product can fulfill all whitening needs. This is why we have put together three very special whitening kits that cover over 98% of the tooth whitening situations you would normally encounter. Each system has distinct advantages for specific groups of users. Check out which kit is the best for your specific situation:

KIT 1. DHI Sensitive Speed Whitening Kit

Situation: You need clean white!

You need to be ready for that special event in just a few days. Our Speed Whitening Kit was designed to do just that. It is composed of a special polishing agent that removes surface stains from your teeth. A special tooth brush brush helps to get into every nook and cranny of the tooth surface. This should leave your teeth looking clean and white. Want to add some dazzle to the white? The enclosed whitening pen can help to make teeth noticably whiter after just a few applications. Use up to three times per day and literally watch your teeth get whiter. Regular $35.80, only $24.90.
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KIT 2. DHI Sensitive Classic Professional Tooth Whitening Kit

Situation: You want to whiten your teeth to create a deep lustrous white smile.

The DHI Classic Professional Tooth Whitening Kit is actually two kits in one. It includes the tooth cleaning and polishing agent from the speed whitening kit to remove surface stains on teeth. But in addition, It also includes a classic professional whitening kit just like those used in dental practices. Our kit contains a 3rd generation whitening gel with 22% Carbamide Peroxide and a dual arch mouth tray. A small amount of the gel is applied to the tray and the tray is placed over the teeth like a mouthguard. The tray is left in place for 30-45 minutes, then removed and rinsed. Applications are repeated until all the gel is used up.

The DHI Classic Professional Tooth Whitening gel penetrates deep into tooth enamel to remove stains and yellowing accumulated over years. You will get a bright and radiant white smile! Regular $49.80, Now only $39.95.
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 KIT 3. DHI Sensitive Total Care Tooth Whitening System

Situation: You want to create a dazzling white smile... that lasts!

Classic tooth whitening in the dental office is known for a side effect called the rebound effect. Some patients find out a week or two after going through an in office whitening procedure that the fantastic white teeth they thought they had achieved were in fact becoming darker and yellower again. We know now that the chemicals used to whiten teeth also have a tendency to dry out tooth enamel, turning it a chalky white color. This color darkens as the enamel slowly rehydrates, and the  tooth may become several shades darker in a matter of days.

With our Total Care Tooth Whitening System, we provide a tooth surface cleaning kit to remove stains, the classic professional whitening kit for deep whitening and the whitening pen for touchups. But we have added a remarkable product that takes tooth whitening beyond the classic office whitening: Our special 2-component Infinite White high-potency maintenance gel continues to whiten teeth in deep enamel layers. It also contain enamel building blocks like calcium hydroxyapatite to help strengthen enamel. So the whitening process continues slowly, pushing beyond the classic whitening result and helping to compensate for color rebound.

We know that proper brushing can prevent restaining of beautiful white teeth so we have added in an incredible bonus item for the Total Care system: Our top of the line Sonic Brush and Floss System. Get a free DHI Sensitive Sonic Brush & Floss sytem with every purchase of the DHI sensitive Total Care Tooth Whitening System.
Regular $164.50, Limited time offer, now only $77.95.
Learn more about the total care system. 

Oh and don't forget: All our products are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so there is never a risk when you purchase from the Dental Health Institute.