Simply Whiter Smiles

    Complete solutions for whiter teeth

Brilliant White Teeth!

Get a stunning Hollywood smile for much less than you would expect!  Our whitening systems use advanced technology to whiten yellow and stained teeth, just like in the dental office. 
The DHI Sensitive Professional Tooth Whitening Kits will transform your teeth into a dazzling smile 
that will make your friends jealous!


You Too Can Have a Stunning Hollywood Smile!

 Prom night coming up?
 Going to a wedding?
 Preparing for that important job interview?
 Want to look your best on that first date?
 You just want to feel good about yourself!

Whatever your reasons, a beautiful smile is always a plus, and may even be the decisive factor between a good or bad experience, or between success and failure.

But creating a beautiful smile can often be a challenge;
- drugstore products can take weeks or months to work and may be complicated to use
- A dentist can give you white teeth, be he will charge you dearly for it! Dental office tooth whitening can
require multiple visits, uncomfortable or painful products and cost $300 - $500.

Professional Tooth Whitening, The Easy Way

Forget about slow and complicated drugstore products, or the expense of dental office whitening. DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening kits offer a complete and highly effective way to whiten teeth quickly in the comfort of your home. DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening kits cover all the bases:

1. Tooth Surface Cleaning
Teeth may have stains on the surface due to consumption of colored liquids like coffee, tea or red wine and foods. We have a special DHI Sensitive cleaning and polishing kit that contains highly effective yet gentle cleaning and polishing agents designed specifically to remove stains on the tooth surface. Also, we provide a special professional strength tooth whitening pen which is perfect for removal of stains in the outer layers of tooth enamel, or for touching up individual teeth. The result: Quick and efficient tooth whitening.

2. Dual-Arch Mouth Tray
For whitening gels to work, they must remian in contact with teeth for extended periods. Our dual-arch tray is designed for simplified tooth whitening with our professional classic tooth whitening system. Much easier to use than the boil and bite single arch trays that need to be specially fitted. Just fill the top and bottom with the whitening gel, insert and bite down to whiten!

3. DHI Sensitive Professional whitening Gel
Special 3rd generation Whitening gel with 22% Carbamide Peroxyde whitening agent for deep enamel penetration. Also contains soothing ingredients and enamel conditioners. 3-4 applications are usually sufficient to create a stunning white smile.

4. DHI Sensitive Infinite White High-Potency Maintenance gel
This 2-component gel contains a unique non-peroxide whitening agent. It helps to maintain and expand the whitening effect after treatment with classic peroxide-based whitening gels without compromising teeth or gums. Our exclusive Infinite White high-potency maintenance gel also contains unique agents such as calcium hydroxyapatite to help strengthen and repair tooth enamel. Infinite White helps to reduce or eliminate the rebound effect after intensive perioxide whitening.

In our flagship Professional Total Care Whitening System, the four elements of DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening work together as an unbeatable team to ensure the most comfortable, effective, and long lasting tooth whitening system available today.

But whether you need a quick solution for an upcoming event, or a complete whitening system for a deep long-lasting white smile, there is a perfect DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening Kit just for you.  Learn more about our range of tooth whitening kits:  

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